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Formula One Betting Strategies

Betting on Formula One is plenty of fun for racing enthusiasts who want to add more thrill to the already-exciting motorsport. However, first-time bettors should take note that the aim with every bet is not just to amplify enjoyment of the event but also to win, like claiming your very first bonus from Royal Vegas Casino.

The best way to capitalize from betting is to arm yourself with an arsenal of information and make sure to understand it, to an extent where you can employ it as an advantage. The statistics involved in F1 are surprisingly scarce. While it is simple to conduct research on past winners, that actually tells very little about the race’s complexity.

Typically, the first undertaking that can hedge correct predictions is watch as many F1 races as possible. Keep track of every instance, take note, and go over these statistics in hopes of a better forecast.

For those who don’t know where to start, here are a few points that can kick-start your F1 betting endeavors:

Grid Position

Driver position has an important bearing on the track in question. For example, qualifying on the pole at Monza can guarantee a higher win rate than that of the Canada GP.

For technical circuits such as Monaco, bettors should keep track of the drivers ability to qualify high on the grid where starting on pole can make or break wagers.

Understanding the value of track position is crucial for F1 bets, and choosing a race winner before considering past statistics and data should be set aside.

Track Attributes

Clutching circuit characteristics and matching them with the capabilities of both car and driver are fundamental when placing bets on Formula One races. Clearly, each circuit is distinctive, and should be treated differently as each circuit features different challenges, twists, turns, and challenges.


Understanding the various properties and characteristics of tires and how they perform is vital for any F1 betting strategy. Here are a few points to consider:

  • How the track’s characteristics affect the tires
  • A team’s race weekend tire strategy
  • Racing style of the driver


Formula One betting aficionados always inspect the weather forecast beforehand and adjust their bets on qualifying and the race accordingly.

When the conditions are fine and the track is hot, the weather has very little significance. However, once track temperatures reach certain degrees and if the rain arrives, it can cause notable changes. Take note of the following points:

  • Driver performance during various conditions
  • Current weather forecast
  • Historical weather data

Team Strategy

Team strategy is of paramount importance in all F1 races, and bettors should be aware of who influences and what happens on the track. Teams continuously seek for any gain that can be obtained prior to the race. This can fall under car-setup, pit stop schedules, and other team orders.

Before any seasons start, understanding who the number one drivers on each team are can greatly affect betting decisions.

Knowledge is Vital

When betting on Formula One, trying to uncover the bigger picture is key to success. To attain this, bettors must consider their performance/results over five or more seasons.

With F1 vulnerable to a number of outliers as aforementioned, bettors informed decision-making, rather than just selecting a winner on gut feeling, should translate into better chances of bagging winnings.