Champion Picks

Champion Picks is an Australian based horse racing tips and ratings service. Champion Picks features ratings for Australian and New Zealand horse racing generated by a professional handicapper, free tips, up to date info and a list of horses to follow and profit from.

Champion Picks

Champion Picks Horse Racing Tips
Champion Picks don’t just hand out free horse racing tips as these tips are of high quality and are guaranteed to produce profit in the long run. The tips at Champion Picks are more than just horse picks. They are determined using the sites horse ratings, state the minimum and maximum stakes for the bet, reasoning as of why these picks were made, danger posed by other horses which sometimes come in the form of a quinella bet suggestions, and guarantee to raise profit to any member registered to the tipping service more than three months. Champion Picks posts an excel sheet with previous results of horse racing picks and by looking at the results one immediately realizes the profit which can be made following Champion Picks horse racing tips.

Champion Picks Racing Betting Systems
Champion Picks generate their horse racing tips with the help of ratings which were made by a professional punter by the name of Rick Williams. Since the ratings aren’t computer generated but human made and have the touch of a human point of view,  they are more accurate and reliable as they combine the cold math with the human intuitions. The ratings at Champion Picks maybe human made but it doesn’t mean that whoever is putting them up don’t use racing betting systems to do so. The use of racing betting systems is obviously practiced at Champion Picks for there is no way they could have succeeded in putting up long term profit tips for such a long time and gain a respectable amount of followers.

Championpicks Racing Betting Systems

Champion Picks takes the concept of service one step further by putting up a costumer support service for its clients and by guaranteeing each member to gain profit from following  Champion Picks tipping or have their membership package doubled.