Harness Racing Betting Systems

Harness racing betting systems are completely different than regular horse racing betting systems as harness racing differs greatly from Flat or Hurdles horse racing and so harness racing betting systems aim twoards handling different factors and aspects thus being formed and designed in way that would suit harness racing.

Factors to Take in Account
Harness racing horses are Standardbred horses and bear different features from the thoroughbreds like longer bodies and shorter legs. A horse running in harness racing pulls a sulky with a rider in it and so the weight carried by the horse is far more than the thoroughbreds carry in races by handicapping standards. Horses are also confined to a set of two gaits, trotting and pacing. Trotting is a two beat diagonal gait where the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time, with a moment of suspension between each beat. Pacing is also a two beat gait but with the legs on the same side moving forward at every beat. Harness racing betting systems must handle the difference between the two styles as trotter can enter a pacing race but not the other way around. A balance between speed and gait, especially pacing gait, must be held since it generates a rocking from side to side sensation for the rider, making it difficult for him to handle the horse and the sulky thus forcing him to focus more on strategy than speed. Unlike Flat Thoroughbreds racing, Standardbred harness racing is more about strategy and less about speed, the latter aspect being usually manifested in the final stages of the race where drivers pull their strategy in order to take the lead or pace follow a tiring horse. Harness racing betting systems incorporate the drivers’ race strategy as well as other factors mentioned above.

Harness Racing

Using a Harness Racing Betting Systems
Same as other horse racing betting systems, and as much as it bears different features to it, harness racing betting systems is used in the same manner regular horse racing betting systems are used. Meaning that the significant factors such as the horses form and race performance, jockey statistics and race conditions are given the same weight as they are given in regular horse racing betting systems. Later on come the rest of the factors that might affect the outcome of the race and they too are being incorporated into the system. A punter using harness racing betting systems must also hold acquaintance with the sport of harness racing in order to properly use harness racing betting systems.